my friend, daisy

I have a good  friend called Daisy. She is a pretty cow and she has a calf called Breakfast, DaisyLunch or Dinner (depending on who you are speaking to and the time of day).

My friend Daisy has two friends called Maisy and Hazy and they are very close. They spent a lot of time together in the same paddock, munching grass and chewing the cud. Maisy and Hazy also have a calf each called Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner (depending…).

Daisy has one particular love: lucerne hay and when it is on offer, she comes running so fast we fear for our lives.

Recently, however, Daisy was separated from her two friends. Our neighbour, Tony, asked if he could borrow one of our cows to mow his acre of grass. So Daisy and her baby were moved over the road.

We have a small paddock which we closed for several weeks to allow the grass to grow. Two days ago we opened the gate of the small paddock to Maisy and Hazy and their calves which brought them within about twenty or thirty metres and in clear view of Daisy.

Well, you should have seen and heard her. One would have thought she had just discovered she was not alone in the bovine world. She lowed and lowed as if she had discovered long lost loved ones, which I suppose she had in a way.

But when the others moved back into the larger paddock where the water trough is, she just would not shut up. It was as if she was pining for her friends. It was pitiful really. Cows, it seems, are very social creatures and need the company of others of their kind.

A bit like people really.


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I am a Christian and my purpose in life is to give honour to the Lord Jesus Christ in all I do and say.

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