my prayer for two little girls

Father in heaven

I proclaim that you are the sovereign Lord over all things and rejoice that you have been rich in mercy and grace in bringing Svetlana and Mimi into our family.

Thank you for saving them from a life of darkness and loneliness and pain and bringing them into a life of light and joy and love.

I rejoice that you have granted Katie and Daniel to be their parents so that, as your faithful servants, they can love them and teach them your ways.

You have had a plan for Svetlana and Mimi since before the foundation of the world and we are privileged and overjoyed that you have included Katie and Daniel and us as their extended family in that plan.

I pray that as Svetlana and Mimi grow, they will know you, they will love and honour you and they will serve you all the days of their lives.

I ask that you will help Les and me as their grandparents, and others of their extended family, to be faithful in helping Katie and Daniel nurture them as they grow and mature.

Almighty God, you have done a great thing. Holy is your name.



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I am a Christian and my purpose in life is to give honour to the Lord Jesus Christ in all I do and say.

2 thoughts on “my prayer for two little girls”

  1. What special times ahead. We are very happy for the whole family and know that these beautiful little children are blessed to have been welcomed by such a loving family!


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