mother’s day

Every one of you shall revere his mother and his father, and  you shall keep my Sabbaths: I am the Lord your God. Leviticus 19

Mother’s Day: the day when a mother is shown appreciation by her offspring.

What, only one day of the year? Surely we mothers should be appreciated every moment of every day.

After all, who has the wisdom of Solomon? Who knows everything there is to know in the whole wide world (www)? Who is the ultimate nurse? Who is the ultimate cook? Who is the most beautiful woman in the www? Who else meets a crisis with the utmost aplomb? And who is the ultimate panic merchant when things get beyond her control?

I used to try to see my mum, who died nearly two years ago, about once every two weeks. There was about an hour and a half drive between us, so it was difficult to see her more regularly.

Mother loved fresh flowers. I used to take her a bouquet of yellow and orange flowers, usually gerberas and/or roses, for mother’s day, for her birthday and for Christmas or if she was unwell. I have missed not being able to see her regularly and take flowers to her.

My Mother’s Day:  I wish I could say that I really enjoyed the 24 hour pork roast and the berry crumble which Josie and Crystal were going to prepare for me for Sunday lunch. But I can’t. Little Evie had a fall on Saturday and ended up in hospital with a rather deep cut to her nose. Operation Sunday afternoon and Monday … she is back to her normal two year old self, all praise and thanks to God.

Instead, we had grilled cheese and ice cream for lunch and red vege soup for tea with Crystal and Jay and kiddies. It was still a beautiful Mother’s Day for me.

Any day spent with any one my family is a beautiful mother’s day for me.


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I am a Christian and my purpose in life is to give honour to the Lord Jesus Christ in all I do and say.

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