the great i cloud drive in the sky

I recently bought a new computer and a new mobile phone, as one does every couple of years. As a result, I have learnt about the plethora of online storage options that are on offer.

icloud, skydrive, clouddrive – all heavenly locations where you can store all your worldly data. You can even store your hundreds of passwords, or thousands as one person claimed to possess, which of course you need a password to access.

My mind’s eye goes on an ethereal upward journey to imagine where all my personal and non-personal information could go. There they are, on their mega cumuli powered by little lightning bolts, the little Bill Gates clones, fussing around today’s version of Colossus, a yottabyte size contraption that could easily accommodate my couple of gig in a little watery droplet.

But what happens if the sun continues to shine or if it begins to rain or the temperature goes way beyond freezing point? What happens to my little droplet then? Will it evaporate or fall back to earth as rain or snow or hail to be bottled, bathed in or flushed down the drain?

When checking out the cloudy details of some of these storage places, there are warnings that some of the providers of these services can fold up and disappear into the ether, along with your stuff. Or internet wraiths can invade and steal your stuff depending on how secure your password is, although apparently that is no guarantee.

I guess there is a risk in using the internet in any capacity, or storing your stuff in your earthly home or office, but I reckon a backup of my computer on an external drive is just as easy and secure as a cloud in the sky; keeping my feet on the ground and my head out of the clouds, so to speak.


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