international women’s day

I am woman hear me…

international women's day

Today is International Women’s Day and March is Women’s History Month. I don’t go much on ‘Days’ or ‘Months’, but could not let this one pass by.

I followed a link to Flavorwire which gives us ten of the most powerful female characters in literature ‘who have had positive and lasting impacts on our lives’. I find it interesting that fictional characters influence us greatly and yet of course they would.

We are avid readers, and the creators of fictitious women usually idealise them. They are all the people we want to be and we vicariously experience their adventures, trials and their love. And our heroines usually get their just desserts: the hero.

On this day and month however we women, and men for that matter, would do well to look to some of the real heroines of history.

A quick flick through the Encyclopaedia Britannica website will reveal around three hundred influential women. Some are fictitious and many are writers, poets, singers, actors, sports women or wives of influential men, all of whom, I am sure, have had some role to play in shaping womanhood.

But some of the Encyclopaedia Britannica women have demonstrated true courage and perseverance in their fight for social justice and freedom. These are the sort of women we should laud as influential and inspirational.

Aung San Suu Kyi — opposition leader in Myanmar (Burma)
Mary Ann Bickerdyke — nurse during and after the American Civil War
Marie Curie — medical scientist
Dorothea Dix — educator, social reformer and humanitarian
Emmeline Pankhurst — champion of the woman suffrage movement
Florence Nightingale — nurse, statistician and social reformer
Eleanor Roosevelt — president’s wife, welfare, housing reform and equal rights for women and racial minorities
Mother Teresa — dedicated to the poor and destitute of India
Harriet Tubman — escaped slave who became a leading abolitionist
Frances Willard — educator, reformer and founder of the World Woman’s Christian Temperance Union

These ten women are some of the most recognised in our secular world. These are women I can look to and be thankful to God for their efforts in serving the people of the world through their hard work and good character.


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I am a Christian and my purpose in life is to give honour to the Lord Jesus Christ in all I do and say.

3 thoughts on “international women’s day”

    1. I think we women are a bit like that, Nate. I like to string my birthday out for a couple of weeks, at least. We know our men and children appreciate us: just making sure the appreciation is shown. 🙂
      China is a very interesting country. My husband and I spent a couple of weeks as tourists there in 2009. We loved it and plan to return someday as there was so much we wanted to see but didn’t have an opportunity to.


      1. We are lucky enough to be in rural China where the locals are the nicest people you would ever meet. We get to spend half the year here and we learn so much from being immersed in the culture.

        Thanks for chatting.


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