valentine’s day

I love family heirlooms.

Several years ago my mum was off-loading a lot of the things she treasured. Many of her treasured possessions were things she loved because they reminded her of events in her life, such as a trip overseas, which didn’t really interest me as much.

But some of her treasures were hand-me-downs, heirlooms, which did interest me, and my sister, and some of my sisters-in-law.

Mother once asked me what I wanted when she died, to which I responded: ‘Whatever you want to give me while you are still alive’. I had told her on a previous occasion that I would not be taking anything after her death.

Since then, she had given me a few things, including a beautiful crystal vase and bowl, the remaining items of a crystal dressing table set, that had belonged to her mother.

—– —– —–

I stayed over on Sunday night at my daughter’s home to help with the children and arrived home yesterday to no husband and back doors wide open. There was a note on the bench to the effect that he had gone fishing.

On the dining table, however, was my little crystal vase with a bouquet of four roses picked from our rose bushes out the back. They were beautiful.

Now Les and I have never been fans of Valentine’s Day and it usually goes by without the usual palaver many carry on with, especially young teens.

But my first thought was that it would be Valentine’s Day tomorrow (today) and wondered whether he had gone all soppy on me.

Nup … no mention of Valentine. But I do love the roses and I will accept them as a declaration of love.


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I am a Christian and my purpose in life is to give honour to the Lord Jesus Christ in all I do and say.

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